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Analysis & Evaluation

We know from experience that informed and data-driven processes have a high likeliness to achieve and exceed targets and expectations. This is why we base all of our efforts in agile processes where we continuously iterate and evaluate ideas, concepts, strategies, recommendations and plans.

All of our processes start with a conversation, where we listen to your goals and expectations. From there we help you convert your goals and expectations into measurable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators.

As soon as we know your goals and ambitions, we analyse your current situation as well as your brand history in your digital channels. This creates a baseline of data for us, from which we can get to know your historical and current performance using data amassed from your channels, audiences, content, cooperation’s and positioning (in relation to your competition).

From the analysis, we can create a recommendation. From the recommendation, we build a strategy. From the strategy, we create an executable plan that is aligned with your current situation, as well as your targets, purposes and expectations.

To stay as proactive as possible (as well as one step ahead of our competition!), we use our iterative process’ to constantly evaluate and evolve our efforts and ideas, in our endeavour to always produce the most informed and the best possible result.