We place products and pictures in all relevant media; magazines, the daily and evening press, TV, blogs and other internet-based media. Product placements with VIPs are also possible. We organize our own press shows every season, at which our customers are invited to present their latest products. We can also organize press shows and other kinds of PR events on behalf of clients to strengthen media presence.

All Polhem PR showrooms are located near the large publishing houses and in the city centers. The showrooms are spaces and are frequently restyled to be as attractive as possible for the brands we represent. Polhem PR are generous with its service openings time, trying to maximize the accessibility for media. All samples in the showroom get a barcode. All product loans are scanned and automatically booked in Polhem PR Portfolio. Polhem PR knows at all times when, where and who has our samples.

Polhem PR send regularly out short and targeted newsletters directly with Polhem PR as sender to promote our brands latest incoming news, product samples and pictures. We will also send our tailored newsletters for our clients.


It is a comprehensive image bank with many search option choices. Polhem PR Portfolios is developed in-house and therefore can be adjusted fast to market changes and tailored to customer needs. The system has turned out to be a very attractive tool for media and today generates great results for our customers.

  • The effective search engine makes it easy to search images by: type, color, material, brand, etc …
  •  Full reports can be created by media in Portfolios before it is downloaded to the recipient.
  •  Images and text files are automatically separated.
  •  We market Polhem PR Portfolios continuously via newsletters.
  •  Polhem PR Portfolios are open 24 hours a day.
  •  Polhem PR Portfolios are designed in local languages. This allows clients to reach new markets and media fast.
  •  Our customers can see all their pictures and can delete pictures that have become outdated.
  •  We provide statistics on the downloaded pictures and who downloaded them.

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Polhem PR will support you to identify, contact and contract brand and PR ambassadors. We have many great success stories we can share.

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