A company will strengthen the confidence in its brand by using the media to constantly spread the word about its business. We write and distribute press releases on company news to business journals. These may cover income statements, annual reports, start-ups and employments, for examples.

We also arrange editorial press conferences and mediate interviews.

Polhem PR design professional newsletters and press releases

Polhem uses APSIS as tool and therefore offers its customers a powerful and simple solution that allows you to make relevant and interesting mailings. We quickly create stylish and relevant newsletters and press releases.

create a dynamic and personalized content

The better we know your audience, the more relevant content we can provide. For Polhem PR it is important to work closely with our customer so that the news circulated accommodates accurate contents, recommendations and links.

Send and assured delivery

When we do a mailing, it is important that it reaches all your recipients – at the right time , without getting stuck in mail filters. Apsis is a reliable supplier in terms of deliverability.

the latest technology

The combination of technology, expertise and experience provides our customers the right conditions to succeed. Capacity is high – you can make four million mailings per hour. Mailings are sent in the correct order and do not overload the receiver.

Meet media and present your company. Deliver the company story, its values and unique strengths. Polhem PR will support with tailored newsletters and press releases.

Polhem PR help many companies with local adaptations and contents provider for many different Social Media platforms. Let us bring more followers and opinion leaders awareness to your social media. Polhem PR also follow and recommend upcoming bloggers and other digital forums for you to meet your existing and future clients.

Media Coverage and Management Reports

Polhem PR provide our customers with great management reports of their PR-results. PR should be measurable and feasible to take strategic and tactical decision on.

Weekly report

A digital weekly report is sent every week our clients have media inserts.

Monthly report

A comprehensive monthly report is generated and provides our clients with an overview of their media presence as well as detailed results.

Business Trends & Statistics

Today we generate useful business statistics through Polhem PR Portfolios to our clients. Trend reports and statistical analyzes of products and its design generate sales advantage for our clients vs. their competitors.

Polhem PR will quickly alert you of registered feedback and comments. We can also support during, and after they have occurred.

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