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JUNGLE / new series of vases by Malwina Konopacka and limited edition OKO by Lukasz Jemiol available from September 7.

Talented illustrator and designer Malwina Konopacka made her next limited series of ceramic, hand painted vases called JUNGLE.
This set contains 20 single vases with green plant leaves and 10 pieces with gold decorative elements. Among this collection we could find two vases inspired by paintings Henri Rousseau.

For JUNGLE artist go on with different patterns and forms. She used ceramic vase as her blank background for palm leaves, cactus or jungle creeper. Illustrations have new, fresh live with specific pits which are known from first vase series OKO. Green chrome paintings have the same meaning of bringing tradition with simple illustrations how it was with ceramic cobalt in previous collection.

Designer Lukasz Jemiol created for JUNGLE limited OKO set of 10 unique vases with black and gold ornaments as his symbolic of 10 years artistic work jubilee.

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