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Polhem PR offers you a concept that will place your brand in the media! We are Northern Europe’s leading PR Company in the fashion, beauty care, home furnishing and food sectors. Our goal is for our customers to be found in approximately 80% of all media coverage in accordance with each individual customer’s media list.

Polhem PR’s basic strategy is to offer a comprehensive package of international PR services tailored to the cultures and languages of each country covered.

Polhem PR on Ruotsissa vuonna 1995 perustettu perheyritys. Suomen toimisto avattiin vuonna 2002 ja sijaitsee aivan Helsingin ydinkeskustassa.

Vuonna 2015 toimistoja on kahdeksassa maassa ja Polhem PR on Pohjois-Euroopan johtava muoti-, kauneus- ja sisustusalan kokonaisvaltainen PR-toimisto. Polhem PR tiimi on dynaaminen ja jokainen työntekijämme tekee työtään aidolla intohimolla!

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  • Polhem PR Finland Oy
    Polhem PR Finland OyHelsinki, Finland

    Keskuskatu 1b, 4th floor
    FIN-00100 Helsinki

    Fashion, Interior & Lifestyle and Beauty Care

    Phone +358 9 2 600 014

    Suvi-Marja Kunnari

    Country Manager
    Mobile: +358 44 719 8982

    Silja Ahonen

    Senior Fashion Press Officer
    Mobile: +358 44 719 8981

    Anna Sofia Luostarinen

    Fashion and Beauty Press Officer
    Mobile: +358 44 719 8983


    Roosa Hekkala

    Fashion and Beauty Press Officer
    Mobile: +358 44 719 8983

    Sonja Koistinen

    Fashion and Beauty Press Officer
    Mobile: +358 44 719 8981

    Emilia Forsberg

    Lifestyle and Interior Press Officer
    Mobile: +358 44 719 8982

    Linda Pyrä

    PR Assistant
    Mobile: +358 44 719 8982

    Anne Kultanen

    Lifestyle and Interior PR Manager (on maternity leave)

    Noora Vappula

    Fashion PR Manager (on maternity leave)
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