Faces of Foreo: Skincare beauty launch

Foreo is a revolution within the beauty industry. After trying the electronical facial device Foreo Luna, you immediately feel the effect on your skin. It gets tighter and feels smoother! On Wednesday 16th of September, Foreo and Polhem PR Norway hosted a Foreo beauty event in the architectual wonder of Kvadrat office and showroom space near Blå at Grünerløkka in Oslo.

Foreo Luna_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_23

Deep pulsations
In short, Foreo Luna cleanses 99,9 % of makeup and dirt in your face. The anti-age function is smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Foreo Luna Mini is a deep-cleansing device for women and men – it’s small size perfect for people on the go.

Foreo Luna has a medical anti-bacterial silicone surface. It vibrates and has several gain settings. Foreo Luna’s T-Sonic™ technology gives up to 8000 pulsations per minute. The sonic pulsations goes through the soft silicone touch-points and remove dead skin cells. Foreo Luna cleanses six times better than manual cleansing. It’s also waterproof so you can use it in the shower as well.

Other advantages are that it drains out water under the skin and mute swollen areas. Since you can apply cleansing milk and serum/moisturizer while you use Foreo Luna, your skincare products absorb much deeper than normal. The battery is probably the best on the market! Foreo Luna lasts up to 450 times and Foreo Luna Mini up to 300 times before you need to charge it. Foreo Luna comes in three different models: Sensitive/Normal Skin (baby pink), Combination Skin (baby blue) and Ultra-sensitive Skin (grey).

Foreo Luna_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_1

Worldwide in just two years
Foreo is a Swedish beauty brand leading electronic facial and oral devices (toothbrushes). In just two years, they’ve been published in the world’s largest magazines and sell products worldwide, for instance in Europe, USA and Canada. They’re about to launch in Brazil as well! All Foreo items are manufactured in Shanghai, China.

Vita will be the main supplier of Foreo Luna and Foreo Mini in Norway. Otherwise, large retailers like Sephora, Harrods, Selfridges, Bloomingdales, El Corte Inglés and Net-a-portér.com sell the innovating brand. 180 Vita stores in Norway will sell the baby pink Foreo Luna and pink Foreo Luna Mini. At Vita.no you can buy the other colors as well.

Foreo Luna is winner of ELLE Beauty Awards 2014 in Sweden. You can find out more about the Foreo universe at www.foreo.com.

Text and photos: Hanne Erøy / Polhem PR


Foreo Luna bruksanvisning

Foreo Luna_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_25Key Account Manager Anna Lena Skoow in Foreo gave Norwegian beauty journalists and bloggers an introduction to Foreo.

Foreo Luna_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_3Foreo Luna for Combination Skin

Foreo Luna Mini_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_2Foreo Luna Mini

Foreo Luna_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_21

Bloggers Chioma & Cristoph!

Foreo Luna_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_22

Smoothies from Pretty Smooth and macaroons from Pascal.

Foreo Luna_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_6 Foreo Luna_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_26

Photographer Andreas Estebani (wa2wo.com)

Foreo Luna_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_24 Foreo Luna_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_9 Foreo Luna_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_15 Foreo Luna_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_27  Blogger Aaron (betterbeahit.com)

Foreo Luna_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_19 Foreo Luna_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_4An actual shower at the event!

Foreo Luna_lansering Kvadrat_Polhem PR_28 Blogger Magmaloumarthe

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